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Who Is SimonWYHuang?

Web design & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is by far the best way to bring in more revenues to local businesses and SimonWYHuang can help you through the entire path because he has a business himself. For the last 3 years, he has used his skills in Digital Marketing to drive traffics to his own clinic in Downtown Toronto and he is sharing his knowledge to the rest of the healthcare practitioners and help them establish their online presence.


Building a customized website that is mobile responsive and beautiful can be done easily with WordPress.


A high performing and robust secured website is extremely important for your business.


It's time to let people know you exist! Get your website found through SEO and/or Paid Ads.

Social media

Connect with your audiences with Social Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin...etc


Thinking of selling something? You need to set up your website and shopping cart properly.

Help & Support

We believe in customer service and we're here to help you walk through all the trouble.

What clients say

Simon's patience and expertise have been a life savor! I had my site built by someone else and didn't know how to make it mine and improve SEO and get noticed by my prospective patients. Simon walked me through so that I could take real ownership over my page and so that I could get the views I need to get real leads to convert to happy patients.
Shani Cooper

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